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The Juggernaut of Anti-Pakistan Propaganda by certain Expatriate Indians

Where does anti-Pakistan Propaganda Originate? Besides a few thousand websites run by India IT Expatriates living in the West, Pakistan's biggest cyberspace enemy is Asia Times OnLine. It is blatant in creating anti-Pakistan propaganda. It has a simple message summarized below, which not only the site mentioned, but most Indian websites and propagandist follow. This message is picked up by the western press and then the juggernaut begins with Pakistan's image smeared all over the globe with well thought out and concoted lies. Asia Times Online and an Ahmediyya site serves as a sources for most of the anti-Pakistan articles published in the Western Press (these site are under the radar of most Pakistani information ministry people and Pakistanis abroad don't care to counter!).

Western journalists due to lack of knowledge and sheer journalistic laziness or just deliberately to create mischief, rely on Asia Times stories as a reliable and authentic source of unbiased news. Indians dominate the majority of writers, with the exception of the man who writes under the name of Syed Saleem Shehzad and Ahmed Rashid, who also writes for the western press. All of these propagandist have a short and simple message:
1)Pakistan is a terrorist nation
2)Pakistan Army is talibanized and trains terrorists
3)Pakistan has nuclear weapons (this may be true, but they are trying to show as if something is wrong with having nuclear weapons. It should be clearly noted Pakistan's nuclear ambitations were in sheer response to India's.)
4)Therefore, U.S. and its Allies must destroy Pakistan's Nuclear Assets and its Armed Forces.

Like the NEOCONS of the Iraq War, the aim of these Indian cyberspace pundits and Ahmediyya websites and their cohorts like the denizens of Asia Times Online and is to start a war between Pakistan and the U.S. and NATO. If it so happens, Pakistan is NOT Iraq, it is a nuclear-armed nation, it would obviously target India in such a scenario. India would be the hostage in such a war. So, such pundits do not realize, that if their wish came true, India with a greater population will come out the loser and the nuclear genie will come out of the bottle thus destroying the over 1 billion poorest of the poor of India, who would have no say in stopping such a holocaust! Expatriate Indians working for IT companies also freelance most likely for RAW, as part-time experts on Pakistan's Nuclear Program. The most prolific is a Georgia based IT engineer, who spends most of his time writing anti-Pakistan articles, particularly related to Pakistan's nuclear program. His name is Kaushik Kapisthalam.

Most Westerners, are too naive to know that these people are Indians and they have a virulent hatred for the existence of Pakistan. Asia Times Online is an outlet, which publishes his articles along with many anti-Pakistan sites run by Indians (, and hundreds of sites run by expatriate Indians working in IT). Asia Times calls this particular individual as "Kaushik Kapisthalam is a freelance journalist based in the United States. " Articles with header such as: Pakistan's forgotten al-Qaeda nuclear link By Kaushik Kapisthalam Guarding Pakistan's nuclear estate By Kaushik Kapisthalam For example, Kapisthalam spread the propaganda that Pakistan is exporting terrorists. The articles are so biased and could have been written by RAW HQ. An excerpt is shown below: Pakistan's lethal exports By Kaushik Kapisthalam From Australia to Europe to North America, a spate of arrests, trials and convictions has brought to the world's attention the growing threat posed by jihadis from Pakistan. On June 5, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested a pair of Pakistani-Americans from the sleepy little farming town of Lodi, California. Hamid Hayat, 23, and his father, Umer Hayat, 47, were later charged with lying to the authorities regarding their connection with jihadi training camps. But the formal FBI affidavit contained the bombshell piece of information that the training camps in question were in Pakistan, not in the notorious tribal areas, but right outside the city of Rawalpindi, which also hosts the Pakistan army headquarters. Note: This case was dismissed as the charges could not be proven.

The M.H.Gohel in Britain/Hawaii is vociferously anti-Pakistan and serves as legitimate expert on Pakistan as a nation promoting terrorism. The genesis of all anti-Pakistan propaganda starts with expatriate Indians, even prestigious newspapers like the The Times of London report:quotations from M.H.Gohel in Times of London in a byline under A Pakistan Connection, by Christina Lamb: “Yet again with 7/7 we see all roads lead to Pakistan,” said M J Gohel, director of the London-based Asia- Pacific Foundation that monitors terrorism.,,2087-1697130,00.html In Christian Science Monitor, M.H.Gohel is quoted: And in a London court just a few days earlier, an accused terrorist testified that he had attended a terrorist training camp in Pakistan run by the ISI. Thereafter, he refused to give any further testimony, saying ISI agents had threatened his family. If true, "this is quite sensational, because it is the first official confirmation of the involvement in terrorism of the ISI, an agency of a country which Washington and London has regarded as an ally, and Washington gives $3 billion in aid to," says M.J. Gohel, a terrorism expert at the Asia-Pacific Foundation in London. Yahoo News gave the same quote of M.H.Gohel. An individual who writes under the name of Syed Saleem Shahzad, writes from Islamabad, as Asia Times Special Correspondent.

This man has written more anti-Pakistan propaganda than even some of the so-called Indian free lance journalists. A sampling of his propaganda is based on the false premise that Pakistan is a base for Taliban. He raises hints in his articles about Pakistan hiding Bin Ladin. A sampling of his articles headers is shown below: The Taliban's bloody foothold in Pakistan By Syed Saleem Shahzad Pakistan battles the forces within By Syed Saleem Shahzad An American reader was so upset at the stories planted by Mr.Shahzad and the lack of truth in his articles that he wrote a letter to Asia Times: Syed Saleem Shahzad: "Your article NATO takes the fight to Pakistan [Nov 2] seems to be rampant with speculation and baseless fact from "sources" that typify sensationalist "journalism" of our present times. Why not provide the facts of the story and let your readers make their own judgment calls?

For starters, your claim that 'foreign forces were also involved' seems fairly far-fetched, considering such attacks are carried out from thousands of feet in the air and would make identification of US, NATO, or Pakistani aircraft impossible. I will be impressed when your publication, along with many others, provides viable sources for the plethora of speculation that misinforms people from all over the world, and creates biases in those [who] don't know any better." Matthew Williams (Nov 2, '06) Another Anti-Pakistan propagandist of Indian expatriate background is Ramtanu Maitra .A sample of his header is shown below: US-Pakistan: An elaborate pas de deux By Ramtanu Maitra A sampling of this person's propaganda is shown below: "In reality, however, more than Pakistan's role in helping to ferret out the Taliban and bin Laden, what make US-Pakistan policy interactions like the pas de deux (step of two) are the nuclear proliferation episode and the training of orthodox Islamists in Pakistan's thousands of madrassas (seminaries). In pas de deux , the man quite often does not stand in a ballet position or appear to be dancing at all. He can do this because the audience will almost always watch the lady. The man acts as a "third leg" for the lady by stabilizing, lifting and turning her.

In essence, more often than not, Washington resembles the man. The static role of the US in the entire episode of Pakistan's nuclear proliferation (to which a rogue scientist has claimed to have been acting on his own) is an eye-opener of how confusing the US-Pakistan relationship has been for years. The most interesting aspects of the almost three decades-long proliferation operation by the most important Pakistani engineer associated with its nuclear facilities (Abdul Qadeer Khan) is that the operation went unhindered for that length of time" Therefore, as these lies are told over and over again without a factual example or modicum of truth, they tend to stick. While, our great information ministers, try to worry about the color of Mulla Diesel's turban, our enemies, like the vultures slowly nibble away at our foundations. These folks have learned well from Goebels! Atal Subodh, a Kashmiri Hindu Professor of IT has promoted himself as an expert on Pakistans Nuclear Program.

In his Orange County, California Temple, he harangues the congregation about Pakistan Nuclear Program. A Sample of his writing is shown below: Cato Policy Analysis No. 472 March 5, 2003 Extremist, Nuclear Pakistan: An Emerging Threat? by Subodh Atal Subodh Atal is an independent foreign affairs analyst based in Washington, D.C. Note Above: Subodh Atal is described as an " independent foreign affairs analyst based in Washington, D.C." by the world renowned Think tank, The Cato Institute. Atal is all over the map giving speeches at temples and Kashmiri Pundit organizations and spreading the "good word," against Pakistan. Quite an "independent foriegn affairs analyst, one would think." Of course in Indian propaganda circles. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Executive Summary Since the devastating attacks on New York and Washington, a wide range of actions has been taken by the Bush administration to neutralize the terrorist infrastructure arrayed against the United States. In addition, the president singled out Iran, North Korea, and Iraq as an "axis of evil." Iraq has been brought under intense pressure to give up its weapons of mass destruction or face military strikes. One nation that has been overlooked so far is Pakistan, which the United States has touted as a "frontline ally" in the anti-terrorism war.

But Pakistan's cooperation has been grudging and spotty. Thousands of al-Qaeda fighters managed to escape into Pakistan, where they have been sheltered and helped to regroup by Pakistani member groups of the International Islamic Front. Sections of the Pakistani military and its intelligence agencies continue to aid al-Qaeda and its sister terrorist groups in Pakistan. Many of the gains made during 2001 and 2002 in the U.S.-led war on terrorism in Afghanistan have been squandered because Pakistan has become al-Qaeda's new command center. Even worse, Pakistani nuclear experts are under investigation for links with al-Qaeda. There is legitimate concern that President Pervez Musharraf's regime does not have full control over Pakistan's nuclear weapons. Furthermore, Pakistan is reported to have shared its nuclear technology with North Korea, and possibly with Myanmar and Saudi Arabia, thus contributing to the problem of nuclear proliferation.

A nation that is penetrated by Islamic radicals and that possesses dozens of nuclear weapons and proliferates them to other dictatorial countries poses a tangible and immediate problem. But U.S. policy toward Pakistan does not reflect that reality. In the absence of pressure from the United States, Pakistan has not found it necessary to take serious action against Islamic extremists or to end its proliferation activities. Other unstable nations are likely to look to Pakistan as a role model that has achieved nuclear status and checkmated the United States into acquiescence. North Korea may be the first nation to follow the Pakistani path. A reevaluation of U.S. policy toward Pakistan is imperative. Forcing Pakistan to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure within its borders and put a tight lid on its nuclear proliferation activities is more likely to fortify short- and long-term U.S. national security interests than is an invasion of Iraq.

There is also a need for contingency plans to rapidly secure and extract Pakistan's nuclear weapons in case of a coup by Islamic radicals. Full Text of Policy Analysis No. 472 (PDF, 13 pgs, 88 Kb) This Kashmiri Hindu is rabidly anti-Pakistan. His website is:
Another so-called expert on Pakistan as a "terrorist" state is
Dr. Rohan Gunaratna is Head, International Center for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at the Institute for Strategic Studies in Singapore. A fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (UK), he holds a master’s degree in International Peace Studies from Notre Dame, and a Doctorate in International Relations from the University of St Andrews, UK.
He has set-up the International Center for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at the Institute for Strategic Studies in Singapore, which is primarily focused on promoting the thesis that Pakistan is a "hot bed," of terrorism. Gunaratna is a transplanted Indian from the U.K., who is used by the western media to implicate Pakistan with terrorism.

Many Indian propagandists travel extensively and are subsidized by the Indian expatriate community through donation to such "noble" causes as Pandit Sudarshans, the VHP ideologues, speeches and yatras in the silicon valley. Hindu temple donations and daisy chains of e-mailers part of the mass mailing networks of Indian expatriates in the U.S., U.K., and Europe. Another Hindutva organization totally focused on the destruction of Pakistan is:
It is a repository of anti-Pakistan propaganda and it's promotion in the West. Despite, the warming of relations between India and Pakistan, these fountains of venom, spray their poison unabated.

Do a search of Asia Times Online with key word "Pakistan," and you will find the massive propaganda machine this website serves under the guise of representing Asia. Neither the people or the Government of Pakistan have ever challenged or exposed the Indian propaganda machine at the Asia Times Online, which keeps churning the anti-Pakistan fodder feeding the anti-Pakistan frenzy of the Western Media, Talking Heads and Western Think Tanks. RAW has found a great propaganda tool which has a direct link to the media power houses. While Syed Saleem Shahzad enjoys the luxury of Islamabad, as a correspondent of the "prestigious,"Asia Times Online and spews out seditious articles right under the noses of Pakistan's foriegn office and ISI mandarins. Yes, Pakistan has unlicensed freedom of press, i t even lets its enemies operate right from the beautiful setting of Islamabad. Many Qadianis are also posing as independent journalists and writing for foriegn website and papers. A similar situation was created by Indians expatriates in 1970 and 71, when they wrote thousands of articles about the suppression of E.Pakistanis by Punjabis, Sindhis, Pathans, and Baluchis and their force comprising the Pakistan Army.

No one challenged the veracity of these articles. So much so that Beatles, Hollywood, and New York Times lead by Sydney Schanberg (Delhi Bureau Chief of NYT) started a spate of articles, which lead to protest rallies like "Stars for Bengladesh (this was before 1971) against Pakistan. While Pakistani expatriates fattened themselves on Karahi Ghosht (curry meat in English) and Purdue's chicken and chasing blondes or were trying to incorporate the finer points of Mr.Maudaudi's philsophy into how they could perform "wazoo." Moderation of Islam and love for Pakistan became irrelevant. On one side were the rightist jamaatis or the leftist socialists but impending danger to a united Pakistan was no where in the equation.

The best solution to debunk the poisonous propaganda of expatriate Indians is to expose their names in print and identify their websites in the western media. Bangalore is the hub of Indian propaganda, most likely directed by Indian Intelligence Agencies like RAW. Indian ITs working for Western companies are using their high speed internet and telephone access to mount Anti-Pakistan propaganda. Their favorite pastime is to web-surf and post anti-Pakistan articles and letters in the western press. However, the pus filled underbelly of "Shining India," has enough ghastly skeletons like the animistic practices of casteism, the rampant poverty of majority of Indians, the mass genocide of female fetuses, the kerosene stove burning of brides (due to low dowry), the rampant smell of cow-dung and monkey droppings rather spices in todays India, and the inhumane treatment of Dalits, Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, Jains, Buddhists, and other minorities. The massacres by the Indian Army of over 100,000 civilians in Kashmir. The stories of thousands of rapes of Kashmiri women and the custodial killings of Kashmiri youth, may jog the concience of the western world, from the coma induced by Indian propaganda in cyberspace.

This is how expatriate Indians spend their time in cyberspace!