Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pakistan to start making Boeing Aircraft parts

(From 2005)

Pakistan to start making Boeing parts next month
ISLAMABAD (May 10 2005): Pakistan would start manufacturing parts of Boeing aircraft from June this year, thus, formally joining the club of aviation parts manufacturers. During a visit of media persons to Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), Kamra, on Monday, it was stated by PAC chief Air Marshal Aurangzeb that Boeing aircraft Co, have set up parts manufacturing unit at the PAC. "At this factory through Boeing offset program, we shall be manufacturing aviation parts for Boeing 747, 767 and 777 aircraft," Air Marshal Aurangzeb said. He said know-how thus gained through this venture will certainly help in establishing JF-17 (Thunder) aircraft production line.

"Around 20 parts of Boeing aircraft would be manufactured here for the Boeing company, which has set up parts manufacturing plant as part of the agreement for supply of 777 aircraft to Pakistan International Airlines," another PAC senior officer said during the visit to the under-installation plant unit.

He said parts of Boeing would be manufactured here and sent to the company for their onward sale and supply.

Technicians of Boeing are working on the installation of the plant which would be completed by the end of this month and would start production from next month, he added.

MUSHAK DELIVERY: Air Marshal Aurengzeb said the delivery of 20 Super Mushak trainer aircraft to Saudi Arabia would successfully complete by September this year.

"We have already handed over a lot of seven aircraft to Saudi Arabia while a batch of another eight aircraft would be handed then over by end of this month," he told a questioner.

The rest five aircraft, making the total to 20, would be handed them over during September, he added.

This supply of the aircraft has not only earned the country a sizable amount in foreign exchange but also would help build the image of PAC for production of quality and reliable lot.

Business Recorder, May-09, 2005