Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Minorities still identify with Pakistan despite persecution

Minorities in Pakistan connect strongly with a Pakistani national identity, even as they are persecuted on the basis of their religion, revealed a report released by Jinnah Institute.

The report, titled ‘A Question of Faith’, is a study compiled over the period December 2010-April 2011 and documents the deterioration in the political, social and economic status of members of religious minorities in Pakistan.

The rising tide of vigilante violence and extremism is threatening religious minorities in the country, says the report.

The report notes that the assassination of two prominent advocates of minority rights this year has led to an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. It also criticizes the government for backing off from repealing, or even discussing, the country’s controversial blasphemy law.

The report was prepared in consultation with members of several religious minorities across the country, human rights organizations and policy experts.

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